Residential interior design may be overlooked by many. It’s not until you walk into a well-coordinated and tailored residence you’ll realize what in fact is good residential interior design. Studio 9 specializes in kitchen and bath designs.

Kitchen Interiors

Bathroom Interiors

Living Spaces

Bedroom Interiors

Kid's Bedrooms & Nurseries Interior Design

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However, we also provide an array of residential interior design services such as designing formal living rooms, formal and informal dining rooms, family rooms, great rooms, master suites, bedrooms, kid’s bedrooms and play areas, teenage bedrooms, man caves, home theaters, finished basements, and outdoor living spaces.

Studio 9’s Design Process:

When undertaking a new residential interior design project, Studio 9 provides a complimentary design consultation asking you a series of questions to pin point the exact scope of work, leading you towards the right direction. Depending on the scope of work of your project, you’ll most likely need to hire a Builder/General Contractor and an Architect along with an Interior Designer. The most common questions Studio 9 will ask you in order to prepare an accurate interior design proposal are as follows:

  • What is the square footage?

  • When was your property built?

  • What is your style? (Contemporary, Hollywood Glam, Industrial, Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Spanish, Vintage, etc.)

  • What is your budget

  • What is your wish list?

  • What are your priorities and goals for this project?

  • Will you be using existing furniture pieces to combine with new ones?

  • When would you like your project to be completed?

Once terms of services have been approved, Studio 9 proceeds to taking all field measurements and draft floor plans & elevations for proper space planning. Then the real fun part starts: selecting all finishes, materials, fixtures, and furnishings! Each stage takes time to perfect, good design takes time; making the final installation date all worth the wait. Studio 9 will walk you through each stage, from concept to installation.